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REBASE Academy

In our conventional schools, we face the problem of having to study in a broad scope a little bit of everything without actually knowing any of it in depth. Students find themselves graduating without any actual proficiency. In many parts, the curriculum used had been put up more than 3 decades ago but are still  being used. This refusal to change has caused many Graduates to remain jobless, because they are simply not useful in the present society.

Admission Requirement

Given that Rebase accepts only 30 students per intake, our selection process is very rigorous.
We focus on the applicant’s personality rather than their prior knowledge of computer programming.

Certificates Required

We have a better look on candidates who already use computers for basic tasks.
We are also very keen on candidates who understand English and have at least an A level certificate or a Baccalaureate.

Admission Process

Our admission process is in two phases. The first part is an online application.
Accepted candidates are called for an interview and the final selection of 30 students are made and published.

Why Choose Us

Rebase is the first ever training
in Cameroon where,

We don’t care about degrees
We focus only on what the market needs and we prepare you to be a hotcake hunted by companies.
We let you pay for more than 80% of your fees after you have graduated and you have found a job.
The instructors are Senior engineers in the world’s top companies and so understand what is needed.

Rebase Learning Culture

Learning Culture at Rebase

Our learning culture is such that we find a way to make fun out of everything, in a professional way. Our students learn how remote work works and are sometimes exposed to flexible remote work standards and

Rebase Academy

Housing and Feeding

Rebase is located at Monte Jouvence in Yaounde, Cameroon’s national capital. Single rooms there are anywhere from 25,000frs ($40) to 40,000frs($70) monthly. It costs around 40,000frs for students to take care of their monthly living expenses

Rebase Equality & Diversity

Equality and Diversity

Rebase promotes equal chances for every group of people from every race, tradition , religious beliefs and any part of the world.