Get Admitted, Study Now and Pay Later

About Rebase

Rebase is Cameroon’s first Programming school, operating in cameroon and training students onsite in the nations capital. We offer a new way to learn by removing the financial barriers and taking on risk, allowing you to train by paying only 12.5% of your fees until you’re ready for employment.

Admission Requirement

Given that Rebase accepts only 30 students per intake, our selection process is very rigorous.
We focus on the applicant’s personality rather than their prior knowledge of computer programming.

Certificates Required

We are also very keen on candidates who understand English and have at least an A level certificate or a Baccalaureate.
We have a better look at candidates who already use computers for basic tasks.

Admission Process

Our admission process is in two phases. The first part is an online application.
Accepted candidates are called for an interview and the final selection of 30 students are made and published.
After School Jobs

After successful completion of the first year, students are very much ready for the market. However, Rebase hires few of the students who are not yet ready and get them paid to complete projects therefore enhancing their abilities and making them even more ready.

Learning Culture at Rebase

Our Road Map for students

Generally, our students complete the program in one full year. Things to note during the first year

  • Students will be expected to be on campus from Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM and on Saturday from 9AM to 2PM.
  • Students will have only 18days of vacation for the whole year.
  •  An Accumulation of more than 40hrs of absence for the whole academic year can expose you to dismissal from the training center

Learning Atmosphere

Our Classroom
Computer Laboratory

Why Choose Us

Rebase is the first ever training
in Cameroon where,

We don’t care about degrees
We focus only on what the market needs and we prepare you to be a hotcake hunted by companies.
We let you pay for more than 80% of your fees after you have graduated and you have found a job.
The instructors are Senior engineers in the world’s top companies and so understand what is needed.

Learning Culture at Rebase

Our Results

Our results speak for themselves. our graduates will be immediately ready for the international market providing industry needs upon completing the program. We are expecting a more than 90% employment rate, while most other information science degrees have just a 36% employment rate even 2 years after graduation. This is how we will change technology education and create more jobs in the future – become part of our movement today

Learning Culture at Rebase

Equality and Diversity

Rebase promotes equal chances for every group of people from every
race, tradition , religious beliefs and any part of the world.